Blue Crab Medical

  • Your Hands-On Approach to Recovery

    We take all personal injury cases seriously and work diligently to nurture our patients back to full health.

  • Accidents Can Be a Major Headache

    Missing work, dealing with pain and being unable to perform daily tasks are enough to handle. Let Blue Crab guide you through the full scope of treatment.

  • The Full Spectrum of Professional Care

    Head injuries, to back pain, and more, Blue Crab has a variety of specialists across multiple locations to cover a full range of medical needs.

Blue Crab Medical Team

Experienced. Friendly. Trusted.


Tackling the issue head-on

Evaluating and treating head injury patients is a challenge. With a record of successful rehabilitation, Blue Crab Medical helps obtain the best reports with accurate disability ratings and a comprehensive scope of patients’ brain function.

Medical Doctors


Experience You Can Count On

A precursor to physical therapy is putting together a tailored treatment plan by an experienced medical professional. Blue Crab Medical’s doctors are thorough, experienced and work relentlessly to ensure each patient gets the best blueprint on their road to recovery.

Physical Therapy


Treatment You Can Depend On

Well-equipped centers provide personalized treatment plans that form the foundation of Blue Crab Medical’s rehabilitation programs. Our primary goal is getting patients back to full health.


Explore the Benefits of Working with Us
With a 24-hour toll free line, Blue Crab Medical is on call to help schedule patients who seek medical care after being injured.
  • Call 1-855-832-BLUE (2583) and speak with someone right away
  • Confirm your appointment on the first call

As soon as patients are discharged, access is immediately granted to medical reports without having to contact anyone.
  • Quick, secure access to patient medical records.
  • Print or save any file with one click.
With wide coverage across the greater Baltimore-Washington area, patients can get treated at any location near their home or work.
  • Medical centers located in urban and rural areas.
  • Easily accessible; parking provided.
With a team of qualified, certified doctors, we provide outstanding care to all patients, customizing treatment plans to suit individual needs.
  • Years of experience treating patients from all walks of life.
  • Doctors use a wide range of therapy modalities.
We understand the economic pressures and constraints from case-to-case and work with you to find a solution that’s fair for all parties.
  • Email or call our direct line to discuss reductions.
  • Long-term business relationship outlook.
Hospital records and physician testimonies are also available at no additional cost.
  • Our doctors have courtroom experience.
  • Hospital records are obtained and forwarded upon request.